Design of Children's Video Media for Early Childhood Education

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Faculty Mentor:  

Professor Drew Bailey
Department:  Education
Faculty Research Web site:
Other Mentors or Collaborators:  Robert Kalinowski, doctoral student, Education

Area of Research:   Social Sciences-Cognitive Sciences/Psychology
Additional AOR:  Media and the Arts
Expected Duration:   Academic year
Majors:   Film & Media Studies, Education Sciences, Psychological Science
Additional Majors:  Music, Arts, Production
Eligibility Requirements:   Participation for the full quarter, attendance at lab meetings, and satisfactory progress on lab tasks are required. Expect approximately 10 hours of work per week. All accepted lab members must also take and pass CITI Basic Training in Social Science, a free course offered online which certifies RAs to work with human subjects.
Project Details:   This is a call to recruit research assistants (RAs) to assist in pre-production, video editing, and post production for a doctoral research project involving original video media for children. *** Positions available: Video Editor Script and Story Editors *** The Lead Researcher and Lab Director is Robert Kalinowski, PhD student in Education. Research credit through Education 198 is available. *** About the LR: My name is Robert Kalinowski, and I am a NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the School of Education. I make original songs, videos, and puppet stories for children as part of my current research. I am creating a program in the vein of ďMister Rogersí Neighborhood.Ē My research investigates the design of video media for children as well as learning outcomes related to spatial skills, scientific thinking, and social-emotional skills. For examples of my prior work, see this playlist on YouTube: **** Video Editor Call Iím looking for motivated students who are skilled in video editing and who are willing and able to learn new techniques as needed. The right student is self-driven and moves forward with tasks without needing minute instructions. Editing is primarily a job of decision making, and secondarily a job of technical know-how. If you need technical knowledge, you can pick it up though the course of this RAship. Currently we have raw footage which must be edited into 5-8 minute episodes for a childrenís video series. The footage is shot in 4K HD. Sound is recorded separately using professional microphones and recording media. We edit using Adobe Premier. The current project is somewhat more complex than the samples linked to above, and involves both mid shots and closeups, and some location shots. But the general idea of a hosted show for children is the same. Important: the right candidate must have the artistic sensibility to select the best shots and sound files, and choose how to put these together to make the final clip. If you canít make these decisions, then itís not possible to do the work of an editor. Student researchers are also needed for other post production tasks to prepare the videos for uploading. If interested please contact the LR, Robert Kalinowski, at **** Script and Story Assistant Call Iím looking for a research assistant to help with the writing and story editing aspects of our media production for young children. The script RAs would assist with formatting story notes as scripts and developing storyboards. This is a great opportunity for a student who is interested in both writing/filmmaking and early childhood education. If interested please contact the LR, Robert Kalinowski, at
Number of Positions:   4
Posted On:   7/23/2018
Post Until:   1/2019
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Mr. Robert Kalinowski
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