Atomic Force Microscopy

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Professor Kumar Wickramasinghe
Department:  Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
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Campus Phone:  (949) 824-0378
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Area of Research:   Engineering-Electrical Engineering
Expected Duration:   Academic Year and Summer
Majors:   Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry
Eligibility Requirements:   Math 2A, Math 2B, and Math 2D
Project Details:   Member of the Center for Chemistry at the Space Time Limit (CaSTL). We conduct interdisciplinary research projects focused on biotechnological and semiconductor industry applications at the nanometer scale. Our research projects are at the boundary of electrical engineering, physics, chemistry and biology. We currently investigate the integration of atomic force microscopy and optical spectroscopy to image nano-scale objects on ultra-fast time scales.
Number of Positions:   1
Posted On:   10/30/2015
Post Until:   10/2019
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