RNA Biology, Chemistry, and Evolution

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Area of Research:   Biomedical Sciences-Molecular Biology & Biochemistry/Endocrinology
Additional AOR:  Chemical biology
Expected Duration:   Academic Year and Summer
Majors:   Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Science
Additional Majors:  Biomedical Computing
Eligibility Requirements:   Open to any student with common sense and willingness to work hard. First-and second-year students are encouraged to apply.
Project Details:   We work on a variety of projects centered on ribonucleic acids (RNA). We discover an characterize new RNAs that bind other molecules (aptamers), catalyze various chemical reactions (ribozymes) in both biological settings, ranging from bacteria to humans, as well as in the lab. Many of our experiments involve molecular evolution of nucleic acids for a novel functions relevant to the Origin of Life and development of new diagnostics and potentially therapeutics.
Number of Positions:   3
Posted On:   2/1/2016
Post Until:   1/2019
Students Should  
Faculty Mentor


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