The Cognitive, Computational Neuroscience of Memory-Guided Decisions

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Professor Aaron Bornstein
Department:  Cognitive Sciences
Office Address:  SBSG 2318
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Area of Research:   Social Sciences-Cognitive Sciences/Psychology
Expected Duration:   Academic Year and Summer
Majors:   Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science, Neurobiology
Eligibility Requirements:   - Prior experience in programming is strongly desired (MATLAB, R, Python, C). - Familiarity with statistical methods is a plus (regression, maximum likelihood estimation). - Previous research experience in cognitive neuroscience or related fields is a plus. - Most important is a strong interest in critically engaging with the material, and willingness to commit for a term of greater than six months.
Project Details:   The lab's ongoing research investigates the influence of memories on behavior. Specific projects in progress examine the roles of episodic and working memory in decisions for reward, perceptual inference, drug choice and addiction, and intertemporal choice, using computational model-driven analysis of behavior and brain activity (via fMRI, but with plans for EEG and other modalities). We have several ongoing or planned projects along these lines. Please come with a set of interests and goals, and we can talk about how to find something that will work with your interests.
Number of Positions:   20
Posted On:   4/16/2019
Post Until:   12/2026
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