Non-Linear Optical (CARS) Microscopy

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Professor Eric Potma
Department:  Chemistry
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Campus Phone:  (949) 824-9942
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Area of Research:   Physical Sciences-Chemistry-Physical
Expected Duration:   Academic Year and Summer
Majors:   Chemistry, Physics, Engineering
Eligibility Requirements:   Math 2A, Math 2B, and Math 2D
Project Details:   Researchers in the Potma labs zoom into the microscopic world of cells, nano-structures and individual molecules. To reach such small scales, optical microscopes are used that are outfitted with pulsed laser sources. The laser pulses are focused on the target to generate so-called nonlinear optical signals, which reveal information beyond what can be observed with conventional optical techniques. Through the colorful images thus produced, new insights are obtained into the microscopic orientation of molecules in tissues, the optical properties of nano-structures and the ultrafast motions of single molecules.
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Posted On:   11/2/2015
Post Until:   10/2019
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