Identifying Progenitor Cells During Wound Regeneration

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Faculty Mentor:  

Dr. Maksim Plikus
Department:  Developmental & Cell Biology
Office Address:  Gross Hall 3018
Campus Phone:  949-824-4716
Faculty Research Web site:

Area of Research:   Biomedical Sciences-Developmental & Cell Biology
Additional AOR:  Stem cells, Regenerative medicine, Tissue engineering
Expected Duration:   Academic Year and Summer
Majors:   Developmental & Cell Biology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Eligibility Requirements:   Highly motivated freshman and sophomore year students are encouraged to apply. Looking for 2 years of commitment.
Project Details:   Students will have an opportunity to participate in the research project focusing on adult stem cells and tissue engineering. Dr. Plikus' laboratory is studying how stem cells in the wounds can be induced to regenerate normal looking skin instead of scar tissue. Students will work with various transgenic mouse models, and will learn a variety of cellular and molecular biology techniques. Students that would demonstrate strong commitment to the laboratory will be able to participate in experimental planing and data analysis. Opportunities for an independent project can be discussed at that point.
Number of Positions:   2
Posted On:   8/8/2017
Post Until:   9/2020
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