DFT for Undergraduates

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Professor Kieron Burke
Department:  Physics & Astronomy
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Email:  kieron@uci.edu
Faculty Research Web site:  http://dft.uci.edu

Area of Research:   Physical Sciences-Physics & Astronomy
Expected Duration:   Academic Year and Summer
Majors:   Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
Additional Majors:  Mathematics
Eligibility Requirements:   Student in chemistry, physics, math, or computer science with a strong work ethic, and enthusiasm to learn is required.
Project Details:   Our research encompasses interdisciplinary areas of chemistry, physics and computer science. We focus on the fundamental understanding of density functional theory. Current projects vary from thermal DFT, DMRG (density matrix renormalization group), and semi-classical approximations. Long term applications of these projects include a better understanding of material properties, exo-planet interiors, and even inertial confinement fusion. Undergraduate researchers will work along with graduate students to further develop these projects using mathematical methods.
Number of Positions:   1
Posted On:   3/4/2016
Post Until:   2/2018
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