Research on Teaching, Learning, and Digital Media

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Faculty Mentor:  

Professor Mark Warschauer
Department:  Education
Faculty Research Web site:
Other Mentors or Collaborators:  Yenda Prado

Area of Research:   Education
Expected Duration:   Academic year
Majors:   Education Sciences, Psychology & Social Behavior, Computer Science & Engineering
Additional Majors:  Any other major welcome
Eligibility Requirements:   At least sophomore standing, 3.0 GPA, and interest in education research. To apply, submit resume and a short statement of interest, including information on your major, class standing, and GPA.
Project Details:   We have a number of research projects related to teaching and learning in K-12 and higher education, many involving use of digital media. Students will receive 4 units of Directed Research (Education 198) or Independent Study (Education 199) credit in exchange for about 10 hours of work per week. There will be opportunities to learn about research methods and apply for UROP fellowships and programs. For further details on our projects, see
Number of Positions:   20
Posted On:   3/11/2018
Post Until:   12/2026
Students Should  
Ms. Yenda Prado
Campus Phone: 


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