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This list represents only a sample of on-campus undergraduate research opportunities, arranged by school.
Feel free to contact potential mentors directly for additional opportunities.

Henry Samueli School of Engineering Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
Wong Lab Translational Research Opportunities Engineering-Biomedical/Tissue/Genetic Engineering Dr. Brian Wong 1/28/2019 4/2019
Atomic Force Microscopy Engineering-Electrical Engineering Professor Kumar Wickramasinghe 10/30/2015 10/2019
School of Biological Sciences Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
Identifying Progenitor Cells During Wound Regeneration Biomedical Sciences-Developmental & Cell Biology Dr. Maksim Plikus 8/8/2017 9/2020
School of Education Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
SRSD+: A Powerful Writing Instruction Education Professor Young-Suk Kim 11/15/2017 11/2020
Research on Teaching, Learning, and Digital Media Education Professor Mark Warschauer 3/11/2018 12/2026
Young Children’s Conversing and Learning with Conversational Agents Education Professor Mark Warschauer 12/3/2018 6/2020
School of Medicine Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
Neuroscience Research Biomedical Sciences-Anatomy & Neurobiology/Neurology Professor Xiangmin Xu 8/24/2018 9/2023
The Micropallet Array: A Novel Platform for the Study of Cancer Stem Cells & Other Tumor Elements Biomedical Sciences-Cancer/Pathology/Oncology Professor Edward Nelson 11/25/2018 11/2020
School of Physical Sciences Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
Nanomaterials and Solar Energy Physical Sciences-Chemistry-Physical Professor Matthew Law 11/2/2015 10/2019
Non-Linear Optical (CARS) Microscopy Physical Sciences-Chemistry-Physical Professor Eric Potma 11/2/2015 10/2019
Ultrafast 2-D IR Spectroscopy and Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Physical Sciences-Chemistry-Physical Professor Nien-Hui Ge 11/2/2015 10/2019
Ultrafast Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Single Molecules Physical Sciences-Chemistry-Physical Professor Ara Apkarian 11/2/2015 10/2019
Density Functional Studies of Physical Properties of Novel Materials Physical Sciences-Physics & Astronomy Professor Ruqian Wu 11/2/2015 10/2019
Spectroscopy with Submolecular Resolution Using Inelastic STM Physical Sciences-Physics & Astronomy Professor Wilson Ho 11/2/2015 10/2019