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This list represents only a sample of on-campus undergraduate research opportunities, arranged by school.
Feel free to contact potential mentors directly for additional opportunities.

School of Biological Sciences Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
Comparative Animal Locomotion and Neuromechanics Biomedical Sciences-Anatomy & Neurobiology/Neurology Professor Monica Daley 11/24/2019 9/2020
Identifying Progenitor Cells During Wound Regeneration Biomedical Sciences-Developmental & Cell Biology Dr. Maksim Plikus 8/8/2017 9/2020
School of Education Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
SRSD+: A Powerful Writing Instruction Education Professor Young-Suk Kim 11/15/2017 11/2020
Creativity and Inclusivity in Teams: A Lens through Digitally-Mediated Communication Education Professor Nia Dowell 7/6/2020 12/2020
Development and Disorders in Childhood Bilingualism Education Professor Elizabeth Peņa 1/30/2020 12/2021
Research on Teaching, Learning, and Digital Media Education Professor Mark Warschauer 7/3/2020 12/2026
UCI Next Generation Undergraduate Success Measurement Project Education Professor Richard Arum 6/8/2020 12/2020
School of Medicine Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
Addiction and Behavioral Neuroscience Biomedical Sciences-Anatomy & Neurobiology/Neurology Professor Sean Ostlund 9/4/2019 9/2026
Neural Control of Cardiovascular Function Biomedical Sciences-Anatomy & Neurobiology/Neurology Dr. Zhi-Ling Guo 1/29/2020 6/2021
Neuroscience Research Biomedical Sciences-Anatomy & Neurobiology/Neurology Professor Xiangmin Xu 8/24/2018 9/2023
The Micropallet Array: A Novel Platform for the Study of Cancer Stem Cells & Other Tumor Elements Biomedical Sciences-Cancer/Pathology/Oncology Professor Edward Nelson 11/25/2018 11/2020
Development and Evaluation of Imaging Agents Biomedical Sciences-Radiological Services Professor Jogesh Mukherjee 2/11/2019 2/2021
School of Social Ecology Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
Trends in Water Quality and Community Impacts Social Ecology-Environmental Health, Science & Policy Dr. Maura Allaire 4/28/2019 4/2021
Evolutionary Foundations of Culture and Stereotyping Social Ecology-Psychology & Social Behavior/Industrial Psychology Professor Oliver Sng 3/8/2020 3/2021
Mexican American Integration/Exclusion in Southern California Social Sciences-Sociology/Cultural Studies Professor Maria Rendon 3/10/2020 9/2021
School of Social Sciences Area of Research Faculty Mentor Submitted Post Until
The Cognitive, Computational Neuroscience of Memory-Guided Decisions Social Sciences-Cognitive Sciences/Psychology Professor Aaron Bornstein 4/16/2019 12/2026
What Happens in the Minds and Brains of Second Language Learners and Bilinguals? Social Sciences-Linguistics Professor Judith Kroll 9/17/2019 9/2020